Pet Furniture Throws

Discover the perfect pet throw size for your needs with our comprehensive sizing guide. Our absorbent and pet hair-attracting throws cater to pet owners, parents, travelers, and homeowners alike. Explore the ideal uses for each size below:

X-Small: 14" L x 19" W

Perfect for:

  • Small pet beds or carriers
  • Covering individual furniture cushions
  • Protecting car seats during short trips
  • Placing on a child's lap during snack time

Small: 28" L x 38" W - $79

Perfect for:

  • Covering small-sized pet beds or furniture pieces
  • Providing a compact travel blanket for road trips or flights
  • Protecting the seat of a stroller or high chair
  • Laying on the floor for a cozy playtime area

Medium: 48" L x 58" W - $129

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for love seats or double seated chairs
  • Providing a comfortable pet throw for picnics or outdoor events
  • Protecting larger areas of furniture or flooring during messy activities
  • Serving as a versatile throw for the living room or bedroom

Large: 48" L x 76" W - $159

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for full size couches, sectionals, twin or double beds
  • Offering a spacious and cozy pet-friendly area on camping trips
  • Protecting an entire row of car seats during long drives
  • Serving as a luxurious throw for larger beds or living spaces

Jumbo: 52" L x 90" W - $189

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for expansive furniture pieces including Queen and King beds
  • Providing ultimate protection for your car's cargo area or RV furniture
  • Serving as a generous play area for children and pets alike
  • Offering a deluxe, oversized throw for the entire family to enjoy

With Magic Fabric's range of pet throw sizes, you're sure to find the perfect match for your needs. Enjoy the convenience and cleanliness our absorbent, pet hair-attracting throws provide in any situation.

Streamer Collection for Chairs

23" L x 76" W

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for chairs
  • Perfect to protect you car's backseat
  • Protect your pet's car sling.
  • Perfect for sectional sofas and chaise lounges